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Monday, October 4, 2010

Making Lipstick

Last week I made 8 lipsticks. Yes, 8. I was like a woman obsessed with blending color. I'm not sure if I'll even wear one of them, but it sure is a pretty color.

Now, you can make lipstick a couple of different ways. You can find a recipe online to make it from scratch, or you can buy a kit. If you're new to the DIY cosmetic thang, or if you don't want to be bothered with the extra work, buy a kit. TKB Trading actually sells a couple of them.

I bought the Melt and Pour Kit which comes with premade colors and base, along with micas and other additives. TKB has a video on their site on how to make lipstick using the kit. You can order pots from them as well. Or, if you're really adventurous, or a makeup nut like I am, you can buy a small lipstick mold so that you have professional looking sticks. And TKB sells tubes to put the lipstick in as well. So does DIY Cosmetics. Both sites sell other bases, and tons of makeup-related items. Don't blame me if you spend a fortune!

To make lipstick, you simply melt your base and color together. Or, you can melt the base and add liquid lip color while it's still warm. Liquid color is colorant suspended in castor oil. Now, if you use these colorants, you might want to add a little extra beeswax to the base as the extra castor oil will make the lipstick softer. Also, only use shimmery mica if you want a shimmer to the color, otherwise, use a matte mica or dye. Be careful with these -- make sure they're lip safe.

I'm not going to describe the whole process in detail. Check out EnKore's how-to videos for a painless demonstration on how it's done.